Reliable Tax Relief Services

It is not always east to find someone or someplace that will help you explore the possibilities for you to get some much-needed tax relief. There are reliable tax relief services available if you are willing to explore some of the options you have. An important thing to keep in mind is that not all of these services focus on your best interests and instead are only in the business to make money. Try to find a service that truly puts you at the top of their priority list. If at all possible, try to get references before signing on the dotted line.

If you owe the IRS money for back taxes, then you know how stressful this situation can be. Finding professional help during this time will give you the peace of mind that you so desperately need. Using a service that has tax specialists on staff relieves you of the burden of fighting with the Internal Revenue Service alone because these knowledgeable staff members are there to stand by your side and help you every step along the way.

A reliable tax service will analyze your situation by asking you many important questions about your current tax situation. Then, it will take the information that you have provided and find ways to help you find a way to deal with the back taxes you owe. Generally, the tax service will do the initial analysis free of charge. Once you have decided to use the service for your tax problems, then its tax professionals will work diligently to represent you.

The tax service you choose will take care of all correspondence and communication with the IRS on your behalf. This will free you from the stress of dealing solo with the dreaded IRS tax agents! Reliable tax specialists know just exactly what the IRS requires and they are well-prepared to present your case in the best possible manner.

Be aware that all tax relief services do charge fees for the help they provide. Most services require a certain amount to be paid up front before they will take your case on. Reliable and caring services try to be as fair as possible because they know that their clients often are experiencing extreme financial difficulties. If you are in doubt, go somewhere else for tax advice!

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Top 3 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make and How to Make Them Profit for YOU!

Mistake #1: Not understanding Areas and Exit Strategies

This is absolutely critical for the success of a Real Estate investor.

Why is this important?

Take the investor who finds a “deal” in a low income area. His or her plan is to buy the house, fix it up and turn around and retail it to a homeowner for a nice profit right?

Problem… ?

You bet!

You see a homeowner that can get a loan does NOT want to live in the low income area!

The investor is inundated with people who want to RENT the house, not buy.

Out of necessity, the investor ends up renting out the house and then can’t deal with the bad tenants and late night phone calls and often times loses the house because the tenants don’t pay or worse, end up trashing the house.

Sound Familiar?

The key is to understand Low Income, Working-Class, Middle Income and Upper-Income areas.

• Low income areas are characterized by a high percentage of vacant, boarded and severely distressed inventory. The percentage of owners vs. tenants is 80-90% tenants and the area is unstable.

• Working Class areas have about 50% owners and 50% tenants.

• Middle income areas have about 70% owners and 30% tenants.

• Upper income areas are the inverse of low income areas with 90% or more of the houses lived in by owner occupants. The upper income inventory is too expensive to rent, in other words, the market rent won’t cover the payments on the more expensive houses. The more expensive houses make excellent retail opportunities (buy, fix and sell).

• The problem with the upper income areas is that the deals are very hard to find because of the increased demand.

Make them Profit for YOU… Solution #1:

Focus on making offers on houses in working class and middle income areas. There areas provide the greatest number of exit strategies. You can wholesale them, retail (buy, fix and resell) them and also rent them (More on this later).

Working class areas make the best rentals as they provide good cash flow and the tenant profile becomes better (most can actually mail their rent checks in).

• You must KNOW what you plan to do with the property BEFORE you make the offer!

For instance, if the deal’s in a low income area, you should be thinking about wholesaling it to a “slumlord” investor who will rent it, or you can choose to rent the property out for a good cash flow (Just be prepared to plan on spending lots of time managing these “hands on” rentals).

Mistake #2: Not understanding WHERE to find DEALS.

• Having a Real Estate agent “keep their eyes peeled” for a good real estate deal is NOT the way to locate deals!

A Real Estate agent has an incentive to SELL YOU on a PROPERTY, one that brings them a commission whether or not it’s truly a good deal.

Most agents are used to listing and showing properties not buying and selling them.

And for those agents that actually do buy and sell, they usually scoop up those DEALS on the MLS themselves.

The MLS is also full of competition from other investors and listing agents trying to get the highest price for the sellers.

Hitting the list of FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) is usually a road that leads to nowhere.

Most FSBO’s are sellers looking to save a real estate agent commission as they attempt to get top price for their house.

The Real Estate Auctions are also full of competition and require non-refundable deposits.

This area of deal finding can be fraught with danger as liens and other title problems can sink a beginning investor.

Make them Profit for YOU… Solution #2:

Focus on finding deals NOT on the MLS and deal with private sellers.

Finding motivated sellers that own vacant houses as well as owners that are behind on their payments can be a GOLD MINE.

Marketing your business through bandit signs, online ads and postcards to owners can yield big results.

Setting up an online presence through a website with search engine optimization will get motivated sellers FINDING YOU.

Mistake #3: Not communicating WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you do it… to the Seller.

When a seller is behind on their payments or has a vacant property that they need to sell, they often feel vulnerable and defensive.

This can make them less than receptive to your below market value cash offers or terms offers with creative financing.

Sellers behind on their payments are often bombarded by investors, real estate agents, bankruptcy attorneys and bill collectors.

Make them Profit for YOU… Solution #3:

When talking with a seller, you must be able to communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.

When talking with a seller, it is very important that you let them know that you are an investor (WHO), and what you do is buy and resell houses (WHAT), and you do this to make a living and feed your family (WHY).

When you are able to be upfront with the seller and let them know that buying and selling houses is how you feed your family, it takes away the feeling of “This investor is trying to take advantage of me and steal my house”.

When you’re upfront with the seller, it is much easier for the seller to see where you’re coming from and build rapport.

It’s also important to get Sellers calling YOU.

Calling on sellers and getting sellers to call may sound similar, but they are VERY different.

By getting sellers calling you, you take away any unsolicited contact. You’re now in the driver’s seat as the seller is calling you looking for assistance or an offer.
See the difference?

If you will target working class and middle income areas, get sellers whose properties are not listed calling you…

Remember, it’s important to be able to communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it with the sellers!

Do This and YOU will be well on your way to Real Estate investing success!!


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A Buyers Guide to Direct Marketing Services

There is a tremendous growth and change occurring in the sphere of business marketing across the world today. This is largely due to the unprecedented pace of change in technology, entrepreneurial tactics and an open attitude towards new theories and concepts in marketing itself.

Direct Marketing is a subsection of marketing that focuses on planned recording, analysis and tracking of individual customers’ responses and transactions for the purpose of developing and prolonging mutually profitable customer relationships. Direct marketing can be aimed either at the individual consumer or on a business-to-business (B2B) level. This form of marketing attempts to send messages directly to the intended client by means of addressable media such as mail and email. In this way direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages in the public market such as radio, billboards and magazines etc.

A distinction has to be drawn between direct marketing and what is known as junk mail or spam. Whilst direct marketing is very often criticised for generating unwanted solicitations, spam and bulk mail drops are not true forms of direct marketing as recipients are not identified as prospects by any form of selective criteria. Direct marketing on the other hand is a form of advertising based on a very selective process by which potential clients are screened according to certain levels of eligibility in accordance with the product being promoted. Direct marketing makes use of addressable as well as non-addressable media. Addressable media entails such forms as email, telemarketing and short message service (SMS) on mobile phones, although face-to-face contact is not considered a form of addressable media. Non-addressable media takes the form of mail outs and flyers, where no immediate user input is required. The important thing is that both these forms of direct marketing seek a response, and it is this which the marketer bases their future actions, or contact strategy on.

Some of the advantages of direct marketing are listed below:

Specific targeting

Clearly, the most important aspect of direct mail is that it can be targeted ‘exactly’ at the specific, individual, customer.


Direct mail can address the customer personally. If the full benefits of precision marketing are exploited, it can be directly tailored to his or her needs (interactively based upon prior experience, as recorded on the database).


Because of its direct response nature, the marketing campaign can be tested and varied to obtain the optimal results.


Responses can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be even better targeted.


A direct mail campaign can be mounted quickly on a wide variety of topics within an overall promotional campaign.

When searching for potential services to assist you in your campaign of direct marketing, there are various aspects which need to be taken into consideration in order to gain the most out of your promotion.

At the core of any direct marketing campaign is the customer database. Most direct marketing services will offer recourse to their databases. For this reason it is necessary to choose the marketing service that will be able most accurately cater to your specific needs. Different service providers specialise in different market areas, for instance consumer marketing, or B2B marketing, as well as group variables, such as income, age, and lifestyle. The solution to this target audience will most likely come from your own database of customers or prospects. On the other hand, being selective by choosing only those who will be susceptible to the mailing saves on cost and also protects the investment in the database, by not exposing recipients to volumes of unwanted and irrelevant mail.

The most important question to ask when investing in an external list is how accurate it actually is. The source of many lists may be suspect as they are frequently derived from subscribers to magazines or respondents to free offers. This audience may not be the ideal prospects to your campaign, but then again this may be the only way in which you can reach your target market. Lists may also be out of date, for instance 12 per cent of the UK population changes address every year, which means they may need ‘cleaning’ (for example, to remove duplicate entries or to update contacts within organisations). Usually the only adequate way of finding out how useful a list really is, is to run a test mailing, even though it might represent an investment of time and money.

As mentioned above, the most productive mailing list is one that you have compiled yourself. Unfortunately, these lists are often the most neglected. For most direct marketing companies, such lists are their single most precious asset. Even in organisations with more general fields of operation, the data obtained as a result of those operations (enquiries, face-to-face selling, exhibitions, direct mail, etc.) should all be regarded as highly valuable. Data should be consolidated and protected so that they are usable, and useful, as a direct input to all marketing activities – especially for precision marketing.

When approaching prospective direct marketing companies, it is good to know what kind of products and services to expect, and how these can help you in your campaign. Generally speaking, marketing companies should be able to offer access to a specified name database, made up of prospective clients as set out by your needs. You have to consider that different companies have varying databases that cater for differing needs. It is thus up to you to find the one most suited to your requirements. Furthermore, direct marketing companies should offer services such as:

– Databases specified to cover various forms of media, i.e. mailing data, telemarketing and email data.

– Segmentation of data into areas such as job title, geographical location and industry classification.

– Data cleansing and verification services

– Data enhancement as well as analytic and strategic consulting.

Some emerging channels which hold interesting possibilities in the future include:

Digital Cable:

Cable television has never enabled highly targeted direct marketing to become successful. Digital cable is seen as the solution that will make the delivery of personalised marketing content via television possible.


To date, the majority of wireless marketing was constrained to text based SMS services, but with the advent of 3G, the promise of delivering richer content has gained more interest from marketers.


Banner advertisements are often considered indirect advertising, but in many cases, companies like Google and Yahoo serve advertisements on their websites for their own purposes.

Political campaigns:

Recently, political campaigns have begun to appropriate the methods of direct marketers (or to employ direct marketing companies) to raise money and create activism.

Once you have acquired all the relevant data regarding your target audience, factors such as the channels you choose and the timing of the delivery (e.g. time of year or even day of the week) can play a major role in the effectiveness of your campaign. The correct marketing service will be well equipped to assist you through all these areas.

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Home Equity Loan – An Alternative For Our Urgent Needs

Owing a house is of great help in our lives as it is not only an addition to our asset book but also a superb option for financing our needs at odd hours. Many times in our lives we come across situations when we require funds but it is just not an easy task to arrange credit for these times. So, home equity loans are the best option under such situations. They are a flexible option to cater to all our financial needs.

Home equity loan is a loan that is taken by the borrower by keeping the equity in his home as collateral. Equity is the difference between the price that your house is worth and the amount which you owe on it. By keeping the home as collateral, one can easily avail a home equity loan and even the lender does not hesitate in lending in type of loan as they are secured in nature. He just demands collateral for the loan and in case if the borrower fails to repay the loan amount, lender can sell the collateral at his possession to recover the loan.

The borrower can only avail a loan that equals his equity. No lender extends credit more than the equity amount and this makes him quiet safe against default since the loan amount can be easily recovered.

There are two types of home equity loans- the standard Home Equity Loans and the home equity line of credit.

Standard home equity loans are extended at a fixed rate of interest and payments. Under this category, the loan amount is given in lump-sum and the interest rate is charged from the time, the loan is extended. On the other hand, there are home equity lines of credit whereby the borrower is extended credit in installments. The borrower is issued a cheque book or credit card in this case and he can borrow a certain amount whenever he wants rather taking a lump-sum amount. The interest rate is charged only when the borrower withdrew money. Also the borrower is charged a flexible home loan rates under this category.

These home loans in India are offered at low interest rates as they are risk-free and the loan amount extended is eligible for certain tax deductions. This factor makes them very attractive as other kinds of loans do not offer this benefit. Even the bad credit borrowers are extended these loans because of their risk free nature.

Today home equity loans are provided by almost all banks and financial institutions. A borrower can avail this loan for a variety of options ranging from reconstruction of home, pursuing of higher education, to clear medical bills and even consolidate debt. This is the best option to fund our urgent needs.

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